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Here at McFate Incorporated, we are proud to bring you an expanding collection of articles written by some of the most well-known and respected individuals in the vibration measurement community. This is our first article and it's from Mr. Nelson Baxter. Please check back for more.

1. Morton Effect in 23,000 HP Compressor Causing Vibration-Induced Shutdown

By Nelson L. Baxter, President of ABM Technical Services, CVA Cat IV, R.P.E.

"There are different centrifugal compressor designs. They are powered by either an induction motor or a large synchronous motor. The machine in this paper is of the basic arrangement described as follows. Synchronous motors are fairly common on the larger units because they can be used to control the power factor, thus reducing the cost of electricity. The motor drives a large bull gear at typically 1200 or 1800 RPM..." READ MORE

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