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Welcome to the 'lawyers' page

McFate-Inc is not a lending institution. 


All sales will be billed net 30. Late payment penalties will be billable.  McFate-Inc is pleased to extend 2/30 net 60 terms for organizations that require a 60 day billing cycle for an additional 2% surcharge. This 2% charge may be avoided by providing payment within the standard 30 days.  Organizations requiring net 90 or other more generous terms are encouraged to negotiate their cash flow situation with their preferred lender prior to placing orders with McFate-Inc.

We are posting a pair of example documents here that will be of interest to customers considering contracting the IOtech Vibration Systems Support Services provided by McFate-Inc.  From my personal perspective this is rather bothersome, but we need to keep out legal consultants in business as well.

All Support Services customers will enter into an agreement defined by the "Terms of Service".  This document basically states what McFate-Inc provides, and, perhaps more importantly, what McFate-Inc DOES NOT provide. 

The second document is  a  "Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement" that stands as an integral part of all Support Services contracts.  This document protects both the customer, and McFate-Inc in cases where information that might be considered confidential must be discussed or shared during the course of the Support Services Contract.  In plain language, this document states McFate-Inc will consider all data, communications, and information shared by the contracted customer, or information concerning the covered customer's clients, their machine data or any insight into their corporate operations, as confidential.

The two links below contain generic examples of these two required contractual documents for your review.


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