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ZonicBook Exchange Program Announcement

National Instruments has authorized a very attractive program allowing ZonicBook owners to purchase current production 600u Series DSA products at a substantial discount.  This discount will be 40% current list for a 600u Series DSA, with the exchange of either a ZonicBook, or a WBK18 Expansion unit.

         IOtech® DSA Model                                              Current List                              Discount             

         672u 20 channel DSA                                         $25,557.00                           $10,222.80           

         652u 10 channel DSA                                         $12,408.00                           $4,963.20

         650u 5 channel DSA (4 ICP + 1 Tach)                      $7,445.00                           $2,978.00

         640u 5 channel DSA (4 ICP + 1 Analog Out)            $7,445.00                           $2,978.00    


NOTE: listed examples reference current US List Pricing at time of publication.   International pricing and associated discounts will differ.  Please contact us for current program export pricing.       

DSA units purchased under this program will also receive fully licensed software at no cost.

All equipment purchases facilitated by McFate-Inc will also be covered by a Support Services Contract issued by McFate-Inc for the initial one year warranty period at no cost.  Standard pricing for a one-year Support Services Contract is $750.00 per unit.

At the time of publication, no expiration date for this program has been announced by National Instruments.


** Note:  eZ-Balance is not compatible with 672u DSA hardware

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