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Customer Training Opportunities

Both domestic and international training is available.  Daily Training rates are kept as low as possible to encourage customers to take advantage of these professional sessions.

Training personnel affiliated with McFate-Inc are certified under ISO 18436-2:2014, Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis of Machines.  Our instructor has over twelve years’ experience on the platform, initially employed by IOtech® in 2005 and transferring to National Instruments in 2010.  We have conducted product training in multiple countries during this tenure.  Our training personnel are not multilingual.  All instruction and documentation will be provided in English.

Planning Notes:

Sessions are customized to address the specific training requirements and goals of your organization. Communicate your specific needs to our training personnel.  All sessions are 'Hands-On' and students will be required to have computers and IOtech acquisition hardware in order to actively participate.  McFate-Inc has a limited number of IOtech DSA demo units that may be used to augment your company systems if needed.  McFate-Inc does not furnish computer hardware.  Class size is recommended to be limited to 10 individuals to permit the best possible participation and retention.  A minimum of one complete IOtech Vibration 'Station' is required for every two students.

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